December 6th, 2018: Mercury Direct

December 6, 2018 by Nadia Gilchrist

 Photo by Timotej Nagy from Pexels

Photo by Timotej Nagy from Pexels

  • Mercury stations direct (27 deg Scorpio at 4:21 PM EST)

Mercury concludes its retrograde this afternoon, moving ahead and signalling progress in all matters of communication and information. Rx since November 16th, Mercury direct will reactivate 27 to 29 deg Scorpio and 0 to 13 deg Sagittarius. This reactivation (also known as the shadow period) will take you to December 24th, so you may still be discussing the same issues or looking (again) at the same truths/lies.

But Mercury is direct now, and that counts for something. There should be clarification. You can be confident that the repeat issue you’ve been chewing on is winding down.

Mercury direct in Scorpio will ask you to move forward with what you’ve dug up (secrets, taboos, the things no one else wanted to confront) and Mercury direct in Sag will ask you to take it further- expand on it, look at the bigger possibilities, apply what you’ve learned to the promise or story. Does the ideal still hold up now that you’ve done your research or glimpsed the underside?

Mercury direct may start off quietly, because it’s still in dark, private Scorpio (Scorpio’s power comes from holding back until the right moment). There may be whispers or unspoken confirmations – a pause before the strategic reveal. Once Mercury makes a jarring inconjunct to Uranus Rx in Aries on December 11th and re-enters Sagittarius on December 12th, things could get louder.

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