September 15th, 2018: Mercury in Virgo Trine Pluto

  • Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn (18 deg)

Details and solutions are powered up today. Pluto’s intensity adds an obsessive edge to all communication and research – precision is a must and solutions will be unusually effective.


Jan Lievens

Pluto elevates Mercury in Virgo to extreme efficiency, penetrating focus and bang-on observations. If you’re right today, you’ll score a bullseye and then some. One or two well-placed words can decimate your enemies (withering criticism) or heal your allies (saying the perfect thing at the perfect time). Of course, this will only work if you channel that Virgo energy – be selective when you speak/write, do your research and communicate with calm rationality.

The trine means you won’t have to struggle to find the powerful words; they will unfold naturally, provided you’ve done the prep work beforehand (no free rides with Virgo). And, there should be no resistance from others to what you say.

However, this energy does have a rather introverted vibe. It feels like someone compulsively pouring over occult (Pluto) facts, lost in the shadows of research. And that’s ok too – if you need to drill down into something, this energy can boost your concentration in a way that’s natural and effortless.


Acerca de Pablo Altamira

Artista por destino e investigador de la astrología como lenguaje.
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