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This can bring a sense of hope where there might have been very little, it can also have us wanting to ‘plug into’ (Jupiter on The Telephone Lineman degree) new connections, new people, new places, new objectives. Even though many people around the world are feeling somewhat deflated, or, even in some cases, defeated, we can pour some energies into holding our best thoughts in our hearts that things will get better. Neptune, is after, all on one of the two ‘Easter’ degrees in the zodiac. Neptune is retrograde on Pisces 17: AN EASTER PROMENADE. This degree, Pisces 17, is exactly square Sagittarius 17: AN EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE DRAWS A LARGE CROWD. That these two degrees that are square each other are both about ‘Easter’ (read resurrection of hope and faith) is extraordinary, especially considering how the Sabian Symbols where given birth. Seguir leyendo

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Jupiter ends retrograde on July 10-11

Jupiter is the fifth planet outward from the sun, while Earth is the third planet outward. In the language of astronomers, Jupiter is a superior planet. In their outward order from the sun, the superior (exterior) planets are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Seguir leyendo

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Have aliens visited Earth? Question worthy of study, says physicist

When it comes to science, the scientific method requires hypotheses to be testable so that inferences can be verified. UFO encounters are neither controllable nor repeatable, which makes their study extremely challenging. But the real problem, in my view, is that the UFO topic is taboo. Seguir leyendo

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New Moon Eclipse in Cancer: Under Pluto’s Shadow

The good news is this eclipse is backed up by a Grand Earth Trine involving Uranus/Juno in Taurus,Venus/Ceres in Virgo and Saturn Rx in Capricorn. Saturn is the anchor – the rules, commitment or focus will keep you steady and support the changes (Uranus) to an agreement (Juno). Or maybe a new relationship. This will harmonize with the highest standards (Virgo) of nurturing (Ceres) love/money/self-esteem (Venus). Virgo makes things better – this will be an upgrade.  Seguir leyendo

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